Ahlstrom-Munksjo has acquired the fry oil filter business of Altior Industries in an asset purchase on December 17th.  

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We Are Altior Industries

Altior Industires is the world’s leading supplier of hot oil fiters for the food service industry.   We use the finest raw materials and state of the art converting equipment to provide our customers exceptional quality.  Our offering of both rayon and paper filters give customers a choice on which filter media performs best for them. Through our strong partnerships with raw material manufacturers and our cost effective production we offer the highest value FDA compliant disposable filters in the industry. The combination of top of the line materials and Altior’s converting expertise has resulted in our solid reputation for quality, innovation and value.

What Do You Expect of a Hot Oil Filter?

A high-quality, technologically advanced design.

Our paper and rayon filters are fine enough to prevent filter powder and other particulates from passing through filtration systems, yet engineered to allow oil to flow through quickly. All our filter papers are made with virgin fibers… recycled fiber is never used. All materials are NSF approved and we use only FDA-approved wet strength additives.

To effectively extend the life of the oil.

Our innovative filter design ensures that all mico-sized food particles are captured, ensuring oil purity over an extended period. Plus, powerful filters prevent frequent heavy cleanings and inefficient equipment operation caused by food particle build-up.

To ensure better food taste and appearance.

Your customers count on equipment that will make their food look good and taste its best. The innovative construction and inherent strength of Altior Industries filters ensure that they will hold up in the toughest conditions, all the way through disposal.

Save your customers money.

High-quality, high-performing filters ensure that filtration systems operate at peak effectiveness.

Using the highest quality filter is essential

Other than food, oil is the most expensive cost associated with frying. Over the life of a fryer, oil will cost more than the energy to run the fryer and the fryer itself!

That’s why it’s imperative your customers get as much use from their oil as possible. The way we do this is to keep the oil clean by frequent use of a filtration system. And at the heart of these systems is the filter.


Altior Industries has established a long tradition of success as a specialty paper producer and converter.

Our Proven History

Our experience in the filtration, foodservice, medical and consumer products industries has resulted in a solid reputation of quality, innovation and value.

Quality Control

As a vertically integrated company, we maintain total quality control over all aspects of production to ensure our customers get the highest quality products available.

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